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With a steely demeanor in the octagon and fists to match, Chuck Liddell became a five-time champion in the UFC. No ordinary person would willingly get punched by The Iceman, but then again, Jukka Hilden of The Dudesons is no ordinary person.


Liddell was invited to take a series of undefended shots at Hilden starting with a muscle-mashing kick to the thigh, followed by a punch to the midsection and a couple of punches to the head.

Jukka Hilden of the Dudesons versus UFC-legend Chuck Liddell

While Hilden got rocked by Liddell’s half-strength punches, he managed to stay upright and free of broken bones. With the video chalking up more than 2 million views in the two months since its release, we have to score this as a win for the Finn.


The recent buzz is that Liddell will come out of retirement to complete a trilogy of fights with nemesis Tito Ortiz. The fight would mark the debut main event from Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy MMA promotion.