The Birth of Starr Cards

The Starr Cards team first came together at Stanford University in 1999 to form PocketSensei. The company was founded around a simple idea: develop software tools to make handheld computing devices more useful, and a whole lot more stylish. To this end we assembled some of the planet’s brightest designers, software engineers and artists.

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Over the years, our groundbreaking work has been featured in a host of leading publications including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, The Guardian, Smart Money, Wired, Library Journal, ZDNet, NewMedia, CNet, The Economic Times, Pen Computing, TapWeekly, Handheld Computing, PalmUser, Palm for Dummies, and Byte Online.

PocketSensei’s first product, SilverScreen, won NewMedia’s coveted InVision award, and went on to become the all-time bestselling application for the Palm OS. The innovative application launcher pioneered a number of now widely used GUI paradigms including the use of a pop-up toolbar and drag-and-drop functionality on a handheld.

Our team also brought the Oxford Dictionary, Columbia Encyclopedia, and VideoHound movie directory to the handheld platform—each garnering the highest accolades in their respective categories.

Now at the ripe old age of ten, we may have updated our name to Great Appaloosa, but our commitment remains the same: deliver vanguard apps that embody the fusion of form and function, substance and style.

Our flagship product line under our new banner is the innovative Starr Cards line of apps that allow users to easily produce the highest-quality, pro-style trading cards directly on the iPhone. Our very first release (Starr Cards Baseball Card Maker) was featured by Apple and shot to the top of the sports charts in the iTunes App Store.