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Dude Perfect is back with another delicious helping of ping pong trick shots, this time served up with sweet side of Oreos. The video kicks off with a Rube Goldberg like contraption which employs a series of cookies in the manner of tipping dominoes and culminates with a giant-sized Oreo rolling down a ramp.


Dude Perfect cast member Tyler Toney prepares for ping pong trick shot

One of the highlights of the trick shots compilation comes when Tyler Toney, armed with bow and arrow, takes aim at a ping pong ball hovering in the air over a blow dryer…

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…and hits it dead center, sending it into a Solo-cup target some distance beyond.


In case you still haven’t gotten your fill of ping pong trick shots, here’s another generous helping (minus the Oreos) courtesy the Spanish funsters known simply as Jeyx.