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One of the surest signs yet of the coming apocalypse is former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson and Aikido-expert Steven Seagal appearing together in a Chinese B-movie. Director Tan Bing corralled the pair for his recently-completed, action-thriller China Salesman.


Both Tyson and Seagal are nearly three decades removed from their peak stardom, so it’s hard to imagine either of them providing much of a boost to the box office numbers for the insipidly-named China Salesman.

'China Salesman' film: directed by Tan Bing and starring Mike Tyson and Steven Seagal

Along with Tyson and Seagal, the cast also features Janicke Askevold, Eriq Ebouaney and Dong-xue Li. China Salesman is scheduled for release in China on May 28th and, judging from the trailer, should go directly to DVD in the United States.


However the movies fares, you can’t blame Tyson for not trying…