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With the popularity of televised obstacle racing competitions like American Ninja Warrior, Wipeout and Spartan Race, it’s safe to say the sport is enjoying its golden age. The bounce house industry — those guys that offer blow-up castles for children’s parties — have taken notice and are creating inflatable obstacle courses for children from 5 to 55 years of age.


V-Formation, a company which touts itself as professional fun providers, earlier unleashed the world’s biggest inflatable obstacle course known affectionately as “The Beast”.

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At 893 feet (272m) in length, The Beast is an adult child’s dream come true in bouncy, vivid technicolor.

“We built this to create something special for adults where they can be a kid again. It's not always about power or speed, it's about endurance and knowing yourself.”

— Benedikt De Vreese, V-Formation owner


The Beast: Worlds' longest inflatable obstacle course from V-Formation

The Beast currently resides in Ghent, Belgium, but obstacle racing enthusiasts need not despair — V-Formation plans to make it available for rental worldwide. Londoners had the chance to test their mettle on the seemingly endless bouncy castle when it made a Hyde Park stop this past summer.


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The Beast is comprised of four themed sections which can be linked with curved modules. When all 32 inflatables are fastened together, the serpentine course is just shy of three football fields in length.

Any of the four themes can be rented separately for a day at €1,500 (US $1,600) or all four can be enjoyed together for €6,500 (approx. US $7,000). It takes just two sections to make a complete circuit as can be seen in the above video.

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V-Formation plans to create four entirely-new sections to bring the total possible length of The Beast to 1784 feet (544m). Their ultimate goal is to eventually reach a kilometer in length.