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Marco Fanelli is a cycling/running/organic-farming enthusiast from Goleta, California. Also, according to his daughter, he is such a dork, which may explain why he risked serious injury to produce a video of nine stupid tricks that can be performed on cycling rollers.

Stupid cycling tricks with Marco Fanelli

In order, Fanelli gets on to the rollers without holding on, rides with no hands, rides with one leg, rides with no hands and one leg, pedals really fast, coasts to a stop, does a track stand, pedals out of the saddle, and rides off the rollers. What could possibly go wrong?


Rochelle Gilmore of the Wiggle Honda Women’s Pro Cycling Team introduced a tenth cycling rollers trick — passing one’s entire body and bike through an inner tube while keeping balance on the rollers.


Lest you start to believe Fanelli and Gilmore’s feats are pedestrian, check out the video above of bike rollers gone bad.