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While nearly 90 percent of the respondents to a Reddit survey adjudged golf to qualify as a sport, almost no one asserts that it is a contact sport. That attitude may change however when including golfing fails in the equation.


Even on the best of days, golf is can be frustratingly fickle, but when things go wrong, it can be downright dangerous. When used incorrectly the seemingly-innocuous implements of golf can become weapons of localized destruction.

Golf Fails: The links get loopy with missed swings, errant hits, runaway carts

Golf carts, in particular, can threaten life and limb when not driven with proper deference.


Fails on the PGA Tour, while generally less sensational than those seen in the amateur game, and nonetheless just as entertaining to watch. Even golfing legends like Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia are not immune to the occasional brain fart.