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A while back, Vette City Roller Derby took a look at applying skills learned on the flat track to everyday life. As one might expect, the results were borderline psychotic.

Vette City Roller Derby demonstrates closing a hole

For example, any roller girl worth her skates is adept at “closing a hole” to impede a jammer’s progress, but pulling the same stunt away from the track could be construed as assault with intent to do great bodily harm.


When applied in the right context (i.e. a flat track derby rink), cutting, whipping, juking and squatting make all the sense in the world and are a sight to behold. If you ever find yourself in Bowling Green, Kentucky, be sure to try and catch a Vette City bout.

Better yet, if you reside in the Bowling Green area, try out for the team and get in on the action yourself…