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Make your own retro hockey card with Starr Cards.

Vintage 95 series is one of several premium custom hockey card designs that can be unlocked within Starr Cards award-winning Hockey Card Maker for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Its old-timey appearance is a perfect fit for an amateur league or prep team — each and every card is sure to become a collectable keepsake.


The Vintage 95 card design — modeled after a historic 1895 trading card series — features a striking sepia tone photo with a distinctive charcoal-grey frame.

Hockey card template from Starr Cards Hockey Card Maker.

By default, the backsides of cards feature entertaining hockey trivia including a cartoon Q&A section, fast facts, insider capsules, and the best quotes from the history of the sport.


Like all of our card series, we’ve loaded the Vintage 95 design with goodies so you can produce the ultimate hockey cards. No mere hockey card template, every aspect of your trading card is fully customizable:

Make your own custom hockey cards with Starr Cards.

★ player name, position, and number ★ team name, home court, and mascot
★ season and lifetime statistics ★ anecdote, trivia, or highlight


Starr Cards Vintage 95 series evokes memories of a time when a loaf of bread cost three cents, “America the Beautiful” was among the most popular published music, The Yellow Kid debuted as a comic strip, and the Montreal Victorias claimed the Stanley Cup.

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Discover for yourself why Starr Cards is being hailed as “the most exciting development in sports card collecting in the new millennium.” If seeing is believing, then Starr Cards is sure to make you both a believer and a diehard fan. If you like hockey, you’re gonna love your Starr Cards custom hockey cards!