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There are a handful of moments etched into the collective memory of extreme sports fans — Tony Hawk’s skateboarding 720, and Kelly Slater’s surfing 540, to name a couple. Last year, Nicholi Rogatkin’s mountain biking 1440 was added to that exclusive list.


While most professional mountain bike riders max out with a 720-degree spinning jump off a ramp, Rogatkin finished his Red Bull District Ride 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany with the first ever 1440 executed in MTB competition.

Rogatkin’s four-complete revolutions in the air had the announcers, thousands of onlookers, fellow riders and the American himself in awe of what had just transpired.


What makes Rogatkin’s history-making jump all the more impressive is that it came at the end of a challenging ride through the city’s narrow streets in which he flawlessly executed a series of lesser, but still-impressive tricks.

“It means the world. This event is like no other!”

— Nicholi Rogatkin, on winning Red Bull District Ride

Unsurprisingly, Rogatkin’s efforts earned him the top spot on the podium with a score of 92.05. Sweden’s Emil Johansson and Poland’s Szymon Godziek took second and third place respectively.