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Sparta, Wisconsin — the self-proclaimed “Bicycling Capital of America” — boasts more than 30 miles of trail riding opportunities for bikers. It is also home to the FAST Corporation which produces huge eye-catching statues for gas stations and restaurants from coast to coast.

Welcome to Sparta, Wisconsin: Bicycling Capital of America

When not in use, the fiberglass molds for FAST Corporation statues are set out to pasture in a large grassy field behind the company’s workshop. Unintentionally, this growing collection of odd, hulking shapes created a dreamlike venue for trials riders Kenny Belaey and Tom Oehler to explore on their mountain bikes.


In a video shot by extreme-sport sponsor RedBull, Belaey and Oehler follow a red-jacketed mustachioed man on penny-farthing bike through a tunnel into Sparta’s magical menagerie.

Kenny Belaey and Tom Oehler Session Bizarre MTB Trials

The gifted pair demonstrated their sublime MTB riding skills on a super-sized cow, fish, shark and eagle, as well as a life-sized elephant.