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Kevin Durant is getting downright comfortable in his new Bay Area environs. At a Golden State Warriors open practice earlier in the week he took the liberty of sampling a bite from a young fan’s nachos — but not before ascertaining no double dipping had tainted the melted cheese.

The food was served up by 7-year-old Khalil Holley, who attended the game with his father Ronnie.

The Holleys were joined by nearly fourteen thousand fans who packed Oakland’s Oracle Arena to watch Durant and his all-star teammates foreshadow the season to come.


Durant isn’t the first sports star to get in some free snacking courtesy a spectator. When Prince Fielder was still with the Detroit Tigers, the first baseman took the liberty of grabbing a chip from a fan in the stands after chasing a foul ball.


As forward as the actions of Durant and Fielder may seem, they are well within the guidelines of nacho etiquette — at least as defined by Jack Black’s character in the 2001 comedy Saving Silverman.