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Outside the ring, Manny Pacquiao is a man of varied interests including politics, acting, and laying down vocals in the recording studio. But recently the ten-time world title holder in boxing has been attracting the most attention for his forays on the basketball court.

Pacquiao was drafted with the 11th pick of the first round by Kia Sorento of the Philippine Basketball Association, and serves as both head coach and shooting guard.

A capable ball handler, Pacquiao still turned the ball over twice in his pro debut earlier this month, while managing only a single point and rebound.


In other boxing/basketball news, the Suns’ Isaiah Thomas hit a shot with less than a second on the clock to force OT against the Lakers, then whirled around to stare down Floyd Mayweather who was seated court side.

Mayweather took Thomas’ bravado in good humor, in contrast to some of the to-and-fro he’s engaged in with Pacquiao who continues to goad the champ in the hopes for a title fight (and historic payday).


Maybe the best way for Pacquiao to draw Mayweather into a fight is to play basketball in front of him a la Ron Artest at the Palace circa 2004.

Detroit, with a rich history in both basketball and boxing, would be the perfect setting for the biggest fight of the new millennium.