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Just days after the Cleveland Cavaliers took the Mannequin Challenge with First Lady Michelle Obama, Golden State wasted no time in responding. The Warriors Dance Team, Hoop Troop and Oracle Arena employees all contributed in the making of their own frozen-in-time video.

Golden State Warriors cheerleaders take the Mannequin Challenge

The Warriors were just one of several cheerleader squads to take up the Mannequin Challenge last week…


The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders also got in on the fun with the entire squad caught in suspended animation in the locker room. While most of the women are either applying makeup or engaged with their cellphones, look in the video for one reading Tim Tebow’s Shaken, and another snacking on Stacy’s Pita Chips.

2106 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

For a Cheerleader Challenge, see if you can match each of the women in the video with their picture in the 2016 Miami Dolphins cheerleader squad photo.


By no means has the Mannequin Challenge been limited to cheerleading squads for professional teams. Trinity Valley Community College cheerleaders in Athens, Texas, showcased some serious strength and balance skills in their offering to the viral meme.


High school students are doing it too… James Benson Dudley cheerleaders in Greensboro, North Carolina, made like statues for almost a full minute smack dab in the middle of their cheer routine.