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Make your own skateboarding card with Starr Cards.

It’s never been easier to make your own skateboarding card than with Starr Cards top-rated Skateboarding Card Maker app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Never before have do-it-yourself cards looked so good or been able to match the quality of professional trading cards. We’ve completely reimagined the industry with never-before-seen features, while still honoring its rich history.

Discover for yourself what thousands of skaters, skate tournaments and fans already know — nothing compares to the quality or impact of a custom card from Starr Cards.


Easily create your own skater trading card with Starr Cards.
With Starr Cards Skateboarding Card Maker app it’s a snap to make your own pro-style skateboarding card in under a minute! What are you waiting for?
Make your own custom skateboarding card with Starr Cards.
You can customize every detail of your card design, including the Q&A cartoon, card colors, bio details, skater profile and trivia.
Make your own skateboarding card with career highlights.
No other card maker offers the depth or versatility of Starr Cards. Add an inspirational quote, or skateboarding career highlights.
Make your own high-quality skateboarding card with Starr Cards.
Starr Cards has elevated the art of custom cards so they are pro-quality in every detail. Order thick, UV-coated cards from within the app!


Choose from an ever-expanding lineup of designs to give your cards just the right look. No matter if you’re a beginning skater or a seasoned pro, Starr Cards can create the perfect sports cards for you, your team, or tournament.

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  • Illustrate a blog post with a custom card
  • Order card packs, t-shirts or magnets
  • Make a mini-movie to share on YouTube

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