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During a game earlier this week with the Toronto Raptors, Miami Heat power forward Josh McRoberts converted his basketball jersey into a v-neck with a two handed tug a la Hulk Hogan.

β€œIt looked crazy. It looked like I was trying to rip it apart. I usually just pull on it and hold onto the top of it. When it started to go, it just went and it made it look like I was ripping it even more. But it wasn't cool.”
β€” Josh McRoberts, quoted in the Miami Herald

McRobert is not the first (and unlikely to be the last) athlete to rend their uniform in a manly display of angst or euphoria.


Prior to McRobert’s stunt, the most buzz worthy shirt shredding was a center-court performance by Novak Djokovic after he prevailed the 2012 Australian Open.


Any talk of top tearing has to include Hulk Hogan, who made the act part of his crowd-pleasing entrances at WWF events. Hogan left no doubt that real Americans will rip their shirts off and are proud of it.


Tearing a shirt with ones hands is impressive enough, but the Hulk (and She-Hulk) take it to a whole different level β€” they simply flex their clothing into a shredded state. Marvel at Bill Banner as car troubles in a rain storm precipitate his transformation into a green-painted Lou Ferrigno.