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The South East Asia Games features 36 sports and 402 events contested among eleven countries. This year, the diving competition that has gained the most attention for a couple of epic flops by the Filipino men’s team.


Filipino John Elmerson Fabriga with dive fail at SEA Games 2015

The bellyflop is a favorite at pools the world round for the massive splash it creates, but its twisted cousin the back-slapper can’t seem to catch a break. On his fourth dive, John Elmerson Fabriga executed a double backflip to a back-slapping entry into the water. The judges were properly soaked, but gave Fabriga goose eggs nonetheless.


Filipino John David Pahoyo with dive fail at SEA Games 2015

John David Pahoyo followed with a double backflip that had him entering the pool knees first, while vainly scanning the skies for water. Again, the judges were unmoved, and the dive failed to earn Pahoyo a single miserable point.


The SEA Games was originally established to be a bi-annual multi-sports event to be held between the years when the Olympic Games and the Asian Games were held. This year, after a 22-year long hiatus, the Games returned to Singapore and run from June 5th to the 16th.

The South East Asia Games includes a number of competitions not found in the Olympics, including billiards and snooker, pentanque, sepak takraw, silat, dragon boat and wushu.