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Dude Perfect set a basketful of Guinness World Records at TCU’s Ed & Rae Schollmaier Arena, before heading on the road for a towering shot from the top of Oklahoma City’s second tallest building.

Of the various basketball records established, perhaps none were as impressive as Cody Jones sinking a 71-foot shot while blindfolded… on his first try.

Dude Perfect Guinness World Record: Longest blindfolded basketball shot

Other records set include longest basketball shot made with your head (37.125 feet), longest blindfolded hook shot (55 feet), most free throws made in a minute by two guys (35), longest hook shot (70 feet), longest sitting shot (55.08 feet), longest bounce shot (92.16 feet), longest behind-the-back shot (35.83 feet), longest front flip trampoline shot (72 feet), and…


For the world’s highest basketball shot, the Dude Perfect crew headed to the 500-foot-tall Chase Tower (also known as the Cotter Ranch Tower) in Oklahoma City’s central business district.

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Tyler Toney, bedecked in his signature backward baseball cap, was giving the honor of launching the record-breaking shot of 533 feet. No fracking industry execs were harmed in the making of the video (or so we’re told).