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Your average celebrant of St. Patrick’s Day will merely don an article of green and imbibe green-dyed beer, but the truly inspired will endeavor to acquire a new skill in the spirit of the day, like this one — the leprechaun skateboarding trick…


The St. Pat’s Day-inspired skate trick comes courtesy of Aaron Kyro, the mastermind behind the super-popular Braille Skateboarding YouTube channel.

Skateboarding trick with Lucky the Leprechaun

To really make the move magically-delicious, be sure to keep your arms akimbo a la an Irish jig dancer.


Of course, the trick wouldn’t be complete without being accompanied by an Irish accent, and what better way to learn than from Lucky the Leprechaun himself.

If your successful in mastering the leprechaun skateboarding trick, it just may be the difference maker in keeping your Lucky Charms out of the hands of those meddling kids.