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Gyms are replete with mirrors ostensibly for fitness junkies to admire the transformation of their own physique. But the mirrors also serve a double purpose for sneaking peaks at other gym goers. If one doesn’t master the art of reflective angles and resorts to rubbernecking, disaster can result — especially when running on the treadmill.


As the above video demonstrates, with some quick thinking, it’s possible to at least partially cover a blunder brought about by wondering eyes.

Guy does pushups after treadmill fail

This ogler converted his treadmill spill into impromptu pushups to salvage some measure of dignity.


If you want to take your treadmill game to the next level, try mixing in some dance moves with the humdrum jogging routine. This way you can check out the action in 360 degrees without missing a beat.


Lest you get too carried away with innovating on the treadmill, consider the myriad mishaps that can befall the more adventurous users of the ubiquitous exercise apparatus.