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A couple years ago, DIRECTV conducted a wholly unscientific study of 25,000 Instagram posts with the hastag #gameday to produce a chart of the most liked snack food for watching football in every state.

Favorite football game day snacks for all 50 states

That a roast qualifies as snack food in Washington, Oregon and Alaska, makes you wonder what the entree would be.


Percentage of Obese Adult Population in United States

Interestingly, both Hawaii and West Virginia are shown with cheeses as their favorite snack on DIRECTV’s chart, while the two states sit at opposite ends of the obesity-rate spectrum. Meanwhile, Wisconsin — home of the cheeseheads — opts for pasta, and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is on record as being a Reese’s peanut butter cup man. Go figure.


No matter what your GameDay snack preference may be, you can go all out with its presentation by constructing a full-blown football stadium of food.