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Wimbledon’s famously fastidious dress and equipment rules are unlikely to ever be amended, but anything is possible after the Brexit referendum narrowly passed. Should the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club get a little loopy and decide to allow rollerblades to be worn (all white, naturally), then Dude Perfect’s Coby Cotton will be a leading candidate to have his name added to the Gentlemen’s Singles Trophy.

Dude Perfect's Coby Cotton tries roller tennis

Cotton faced fellow Dude Perfect member Garrett Hilbert in a best-of-three tennis match on wheels, commentated by Tyler Toney aka “Billy Butchcroft” on his first gig as a sideline reporter.


Lest your wondering, Cotton is just as proficient at tennis without the rollerblades. Back in 2012, with leg hair riding on the outcome, he bested yet another Dude Perfect member in the form of Cody Jones. However, he didn’t fare nearly as well when he recently faced Serena Williams